We are delighted to host our wetland webinar: Monitoring and reporting on the health of wetlands in the eastern Mediterranean on 17th and 18th February 2021

Please see here for how to register for the 2 days!

This mini-conference aims to explore current monitoring and reporting structures for wetlands in the eastern Mediterranean, to highlight future opportunities for working within and between countries.

Please see below for the biographies of some of our great presenters!

Anis Guelmami 

Anis is an environmental Engineer. Currently working as a project leader at the research institute for the conservation of the Mediterranean wetlands of the Tour du Valat, in France, he is in charge of developing EO-based tools for the assessment and the monitoring of wetlands all over the Mediterranean Basin. He is also highly interested on promoting and transferring these tools, particularly throughout the organisation of many training workshops in different countries, in both English and French.     



Serah Munguti

Serah is Country Manager, Kenya at Fauna and Flora International. She has worked to promote collaborative management of the Tana River Delta coordinating, the formulation of a land use plan informed by strategic environmental assessment. In 2016 the Tana Delta land use plan won the Royal Town Planning Institute's International Award for Planning Excellence.



Dr. Eleni Fitoka  "Eleni is the head of the ""Natural Areas Inventory"" Section of the Greek Biotope - Wetland Centre (EKBY), of the Goulandris Natural History Museum, a non profit environmental and reserch organisation. She has more than 20 years of experience in inventory, monitoring and assessmemnt of wetland ecosystems, and works closely with authorities and policy makers to support identification of conservation & protection priorities. She was the scientific coordinator of the Mapping & Connectivity Assessment of the Blakan Mediterranean Wetlands during the WetMainAreas INTERREG project.



Jill Key 

Jill currently works for the GB Non-native Species Secretariat as manager of a UK-government funded project to strengthen biosecurity in the Overseas Territories. Previously she has worked in the South Atlantic and Pacific Islands, UK, Latin America and Africa in various capacities, including biosecurity, integrated pest management, capacity building and training. http://www.nonnativespecies.org/ots/otsMap.cfm


Jodey Peyton    

Jodey is an Ecologist at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and manages the Defra Darwin Plus project DPLUS088 "Addressing drivers of ecological change in Lake Akrotiri, Cyprus". Alongside this project, Jodey also works on a variety of projects including working on mitigating impacts of invasive alien species and promoting citizen science in biological recording. Her passion is linking people with nature and improving access for all to the natural world.    



Laurence Carvalho         

Laurence is a freshwater ecologist at  the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. He works on a range of projects related to the monitoring and management of water quality and the ecological health of freshwaters. He leads the Bloomin' Algae Citizen Science programme for monitoring harmful algal blooms and the ESA Floating Weed Manager Project developing satellite monitoring of invasive aquatic plants.



Martin Hellicar

Martin is Director of BirdLife Cyprus, where he has worked since 2003 in a number of roles, including that of Monitoring & Research Coordinator. With a background in Ecology, Martin's particular interest in farmalnd birds and biodiversity and he recently completed a p/t PhD with the University of Cyprus in this area.



Quentin Groom

Quentin leads the biodiversity informatics team at Meise Botanic Garden in Belgium. He focuses on making biodiversity data more accessible and finding novel ways that it can be used, both for scientific research and for decision-making.        



Dr Stathis Theofilou      

Stathis has acquired his degree in Environmental Science and Technology from the department of Environmental Science and Technology of the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) in 2016. He also recently completed his phD studies from the department of chemical engineering of CUT. His phD degree was mainly based on the antimicrobial treatment of ships ballast water. He is curretnly teaching at the department of Chemical Engineering as a special scientist, and he is also a Research Fellow at the Laboratory of Environmental Catalysis. He is also a newly hired project manager at Terra Cypria foundation. Stathis participated in a number of European research programmes in relevant subjects with his research interests. His research work has been published in internationally acclaimed journals and in addition, she had the opportunity to attend relevant with his specialty Research Congresses abroad. Among his research interests are the design, development and application of solid catalytic systems for the antimicrobial treatment of Ships Ballast Water.