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Papers etc.

Peyton JM, Martinou AF, Adriaens T, Chartosia N, Karachle PK, Rabitsch W, Tricarico E, Arianoutsou M, Bacher S, Bazos I, Brundu G, Bruno-McClung E, Charalambidou I, Demetriou M, Galanidi M, Galil B, Guillem R, Hadjiafxentis K, Hadjioannou L, Hadjistylli M, Hall-Spencer JM, Jimenez C, Johnstone G, Kleitou P, Kletou D, Koukkoularidou D, Leontiou S, Maczey N, Michailidis N, Mountford JO, Papatheodoulou A, Pescott OL, Phanis C, Preda C, Rorke S, Shaw R, Solarz W, Taylor CD, Trajanovski S, Tziortzis I, Tzirkalli E, Uludag A, Vimercati G, Zdraveski K, Zenetos A and Roy HE (2020) Horizon Scanning to Predict and Prioritize Invasive Alien Species With the Potential to Threaten Human Health and Economies on CyprusFront. Ecol. Evol. 8:566281. 

Martinou, A. F., S. M. Schäfer, R. Bueno Mari, I. Angelidou, K. Erguler, J. Fawcett, M. Ferraguti, R. Foussadier, T. V. Gkotsi, C. F. Martinos, M. Schaefer, F. Schaffner, J. M. Peyton, B. V. Purse, D. J. Wright, and H. E. Roy. 2020. A call to arms: Setting the framework for a code of practice for mosquito management in European wetlands. Journal of Applied Ecology n/a.

Martinou, A.F. and Roy, H.E. (2018) From local strategy to global frameworks: effects of invasive non-native species on health and well-being. In Invasive Species and Human Health (Eds: Mazza, G. & Tricarico, E.) CABI Publishing.

Pescott, O.L., Harris, S.E., Peyton, J.M., Onete, M., Martinou, A.F., & Mountford, J.O. (2018). The forest on the peninsula: Impacts, uses and perceptions of a colonial legacy in Cyprus. In: Histories of Bioinvasions in Mediterranean-type regions A.I. Quieroz and S. Pooley (eds), pp. 195-217. Springer, Cham.

Peyton J, Martinou AF, Pescott OL, Demetriou M, Adriaens T, Arianoutsou M, Bazos I, Bean CW, Booy O, Botham M, Britton JR, Cervia JL, Charilaou P, Chartosia N, Dean HJ, Delipetrou P, Dimitriou AC, Dörflinger G, Fawcett J, Fyttis G, Galanidis A, Galil B, Hadjikyriakou T, Hadjistylli M, Ieronymidou C, Jimenez C, Karachle P, Kassinis N, Kerametsidis G, Kirschel ANG, Kleitou P, Kleitou D, Manolaki P, Michailidis N, Mountford JO, Nikolaou C, Papatheodoulou A, Payiatas G, Ribeiro F, Rorke SL, Samuel Y, Savvides P, Schafer SM, Tarkan AS, Silva-Rocha I, Top N, Tricarico E, Turvey K, Tziortzis I, Tzirkalli E, Verreycken H, Winfield IJ, Zenetos A, Roy HE. (2019). Horizon scanning for invasive alien species with the potential to threaten biodiversity and human health on a Mediterranean island. Biological Invasions 


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Datasets and code

Demetriou, M. (2019). Marine invasive alien species monitoring data from Akrotiri and Dhekelia, Cyprus, February 2017 to September 2018. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre. https://doi.org/10.5285/519d42bf-51cc-42a4-8673-5f2044cfa19a

Hadjikyriakou T, Winfield I, Kaminski D, Mountford O, Groom Q (2019). Additional data to the Akrotiri Bioblitz, Cyprus. Version 1.4. Botanic Garden Meise. Occurrence dataset https://doi.org/10.15468/3kirhx accessed via GBIF.org on 2019-09-18.

Martinou A, Pescott O, Michailidis N, Zenetos A, Jenna Wong L, Pagad S (2018). Global Register of Introduced and Invasive Species- Cyprus. Version 1.6. Invasive Species Specialist Group ISSG. Checklist dataset https://doi.org/10.15468/uryl57

Pescott O, Peyton J, Mountford J O (2020). UKSBA Cyprus - Habitat Samples, 2019. Biological Records Centre. Sampling event dataset https://doi.org/10.15468/c8p4qe accessed via GBIF.org on 2020-06-15.

Pescott O L, Peyton J M, Mountford J O (2020). UKSBA Cyprus Plant Records 2018. Biological Records Centre. Occurrence dataset https://doi.org/10.15468/xp6bam accessed via GBIF.org on 2020-06-09.

Pescott O L, Peyton J M, Onete M, Mountford J O (2020). UKSBA Cyprus - Quadrats 2015-2017. Biological Records Centre. Sampling event dataset https://doi.org/10.15468/r4wyck accessed via GBIF.org on 2020-06-01.

Pescott, O., Peyton, J., Mountford, J., Onete, M., Martinou, A. (2017). Non-native plant species GIS data from Cyprus Sovereign Base Areas, October 2015 and March 2017. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre. http://doi.org/10.5285/7c84e06d-bb1a-4aac-b1d7-33c11310d8a0

Pescott, O. Cyprus UTM grid processing in R. https://github.com/sacrevert/Cyprus-UTM-grids 

Winfield, I.J.; Michael, V.P.; Andreou, N. (2019). Fish monitoring data from Akrotiri SBA, Cyprus, February 2018 to March 2019. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre. https://doi.org/10.5285/ad7068c3-5225-437a-ae58-8422cb7e3454


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Horizon Scanning workshop

26th - 28th April 2017, Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre,  Akrotiri Sovereign Base Area, Cyprus

Introduction to management of alien species in Europe: Tim Adriaens, Research Institute for Nature and Forest & Olaf Booy, Fera

Patterns of plant invasions in the Mediterranean: Margarita Arianoutsou, University of Athens (UoA)

Alien Flora of Greece: Yiannis Bazos, UoA

European Legislation: Olaf Booy, Fera

Cypriot legislation: Margarita Hadjistylli, DoE, RoC

The importance of scale with invasive species: Oli Pescott, CEH

Vector monitoring: Steffi Schafer, CEH

Impacts of invasive species on Islands: Elena Tricario, University of Florence

Monitoring and surveillance – freshwater fish: Ian Winfield, CEH


Capacity Building in Monitoring and Surveillance of Native and Non-native Species

31st August 2017, Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre,  Akrotiri Sovereign Base Area, Cyprus

RIS-Ký Overview & Outline of the day: Jodey Peyton, RIS-Ký Project Manager, CEH

Biological recording – filling evidence gaps - The UK – EU perspective: David Roy,Head of Biological Records Centre, CEH

Overview of Monitoring Biodiversity in the SBA: Pantelis Charilaou, Environment Officer, SBA

Wildlife monitoring in Cyprus: Nikos Kassinis, Senior Game and Wildlife Officer, Game and Fauna Service

Overview of marine IAS monitoring in Cyprus: Monica Demetriou, Marine Biologist, University of Cyprus

Monitoring the Odonata of Cyprus: David and Ros Sparrow, Heads of Dragonfly Study group, Cyprus

Invasive mosquito monitoring - Are we doing enough?: Kelly Martinou, RIS-Ký Project Manager and Entomologist, JSHU

Recording Invasive and Non-native Plants in the Cyprus SBAs: Oli Pescott, Plant Ecologist, CEH

Bird monitoring in Cyprus -Experiences of Birdlife Cyprus: Christina Ieronymidou, Monitoring and Research Coordinator Birdlife Cyprus

Engaging your audience – Experiences from the UK Ladybird recording scheme: Helen Roy, RIS-Ký Project Leader, CEH

Meeting posters

COST Action Short Term Scientific Mission: Alien plant species in Overseas Territories in Cyprus, J. Peyton & O. Pescott, CEH

Horizon Scanning for Invasive Alien Species in Overseas Territories in Cyprus, J. Peyton et al., various

The harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis: global perspectives on invasion history and ecology, H. Roy et al., various


Native and non-native vector management in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East (EMME)

18th-20th April 2018, Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre,  Akrotiri Sovereign Base Area, Cyprus


Day 1

RIS-Ký Overview & Outline of the workshop, Jodey Peyton, CEH UK & Jim Fawcett JSHU, Cyprus

Alien Pathogens in the horizon, Helen Roy, CEH

Invasive mosquitoes surveillance and control, F. Schaffner, F. Schaffner Consultancy, Switzerland                           

Climate change impacts on vectors of disease, Yiannis Proestos, CyI, Cyprus

Insecticide resistance and mosquito control, Denis Wright, Imperial College UK

Cyprus Anti-malaria plan, Maria Koliou (Ministry of Health)

Mosquitoes, surveillance and management in Cyprus, and deciphering mosquito population dynamics in the Zakaki region, Marlen Vasquez, CUT Cyprus

Mosquitoes surveillance and management in Turkey, Bulent Alten (Skype Presentation)

Presentation of the results of the questionnaire “Mosquitoes and You”, Stefanie Schafer, CEH, UK

Day 2

Overview of wetlands and their importance for biodiversity and ES provision, Ian Winfield CEH, UK

The importance of wetlands in Cyprus, Iacovos Tziortzis & Polina Polycarpou, Water Development  Department

Akrotiri wetland its importance for biodiversity and ecosystem services, Pantelis Charilaou & Thomas Hadjikyriakou, SBAA

Mosquito surveillance and management in the wetland of Donãna national park, Spain, Martina Ferraguti, EBD-CSIC, Spain

Control of native mosquitoes in wetlands and invasive mosquitoes in urban areas in France, Remi Foussadier, EID-Rhône Alpes France  

Mosquito control and surveillance in wetlands in Sweden, Martina Schafer Biological Mosquito Control/NEDAB Sweden

Mosquito surveillance and control in Spain, R. Bueno, Lokimica S.A. Spain

Akrotiri wetland and mosquito management, Jim Fawcett, JSHU Cyprus

Presentation of the code of practice for the management of mosquitoes in wetlands, Kelly Martinou, JSHU

Day 3

Sand flies and the Cyprus paradox, M. Antoniou, University of Crete Greece

Surveillance and control of sandflies in the region, Y. Özbel, Ege University Turkey

Sand fly-borne diseases in the region, S. Özensoy Töz, Ege University, Turkey

Sand fly surveillance in Cyprus, Vasiliki Christodoulou, Veterinary Services Cyprus

Sand fly biology and management, Özge Erişöz Kasap, Hacettepe University Turkey

Tracing the feeding patterns of Culicoides from Spain, Martina Ferraguti, EBD-CSIC Spain

Culicoides midges experiences from the UK, Stefanie  Schafer, CEH UK

BTV-8 Occurrence in Cyprus, Savvas Savva, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Cyprus

Modelling for the global management of vector-borne diseases, Kamil Erguler CYI


Management of native and non-native vectors in the Eastern Mediterranean - a YouTube presentation on his modelling work by Murat Can Demirok


Addressing drivers of ecological change in Lake Akrotiri: Assessing and mitigating impacts of invasive non-native species

27th - 29th November 2019, Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre, Akrotiri Sovereign Base Area, Cyprus


Day 1 Risk Assessments and Horizon scanning for INNS that impact human health and economy

Introduction to RIS-Ký Darwin Plus Project – Jodey Peyton

Prioritising INNS: from horizon scanning to Risk Assessments – Helen Roy

How to become an "IAS of Union concern" – Wolfgang Rabitsch

Invasive alien plants in Mediterranean islands and work by EPPO – Giuseppe Brundu

Regional Risk Assessments for Cyprus: Lionfish – Periklis Kleitou

Risk Assessments on UKOTs – Norbert Maczey

Day 2 Horizon scanning for INNS that impact human health and economy and Pathway Action Plans

Tackling invasive species in the UK Overseas Territories – Jill Key

Day 3 Assessments of INNS using ecosystem services approaches

Costs of INNS - UK assessment and Global Burden of Crop pests – Dick Shaw

State of play on ecosystem services assessment and mapping in Cyprus - Ioannis Vogiatzakis

Integrated conservation planning in Cyprus - Stalo Leontiou

Introduction to SEICAT – Sven Bacher

Introduction to Nature’s Contribution to People – Kelly Martinou & Helen Roy

Workshop feedback:

Average score per day over 9/10

Over 85% of participants that gave feedback said they were very significantly or significantly more confident applying their knowledge and skills, that their skills had very significantly or significantly increased and that their confidence in applying skills following the workshop had increased very significantly or significantly.


Webinar Monitoring and reporting on the health of wetlands in the eastern Mediterranean

17th and 18th February 2021 

Please see the full programme here.

Please register for the 17th here and the 18th here.

Day 1: Current monitoring and reporting on wetlands

Welcome to day 1 and background to Darwin projectJodey Peyton (UKCEH)

Key note - Monitoring wetlands across the Mediterranean Basin, Anis Guelmami (MedWet / Tour du Valat)

Code of Practice for mosquito management in wetlands Kelly Martinou (Joint Services Health Unit)

The inventory of Cyprus Wetlands and Restoration Activities at Ladys MileDr Stathis Theofilou (Terra Cypria)

Citizen science and the role of volunteer data in reporting on bird populationsMartin Hellicar (Birdlife Cyprus)

Balkan Mediterranean Wetland Mapping & Connectivity Assessment - INTERREG BalkanMed WetMainAreas projectEleni Fytoka (Greek Biotope Wetland Centre)

The importance of wetlands in Cyprus - Polina Polykarpou (Water Development Department, Cyprus)

Day 2: Future opportunities

Welcome to day 2 – Oli Pescott (UKCEH)

Key note - Sharing experiences and forming networks Serah Munguti (Nature Kenya/FFI)

Innovation in Monitoring: satellites, citizens and sequencesLaurence Carvalho (UKCEH)

Invasive species and wetlandsJill Key (GB Non-Native Species Secretariat)

Earth observations of wetlands - France Gerard (UKCEH)

Making and using FAIR Open data to extend your knowledge and reachQuentin Groom (Meise Botanic Garden)


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Bowes, M. (2020) Potential chemical and biological indicators for Lake Akrotiri. Unpublished report for UKCEH, Wallingford, UK.

Peyton J. et al. (2019) Assessment of current and future Invasive Alien Species in Cyprus - Final Report (edited)

Martinou, A.F. n.d. COST Action short term scientific mission -- Creating CY.I.A.S. -- The Cyprus Invasive Alien Species (CY.I.A.S.) inventory. Unpublished report to COST Action TD1209, 14pp. 

Peyton, Jodey; Pescott, Oliver; Mountford, Owen; Onete, Marilena; Martinou, Kelly. 2017. COST Action short term scientific mission – Alien plant species in Overseas Territories in Cyprus, 5th-18th March 2017. Wallingford, NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 10pp.

Peyton, Jodey; Mountford, Owen. 2015. COST Action short term scientific mission – Lake Akrotiri, Cyprus. Wallingford, NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 23pp.


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Teaching resources 

Wetland monitoring