Please see below for the full list of outreach materials that we have created for the two Darwin Pus projects we have run (DPLUS056 and DPLUS088)

Invasive species mini-guide (English)

Invasive species mini-guide (Greek)

Bug Alert Cyprus  (English)

Bug Alert Cyprus (Greek)

Mosquito information leaflet for Cyprus (English, folded flyer format)

Mosquito information leaflet for Cyprus (Greek, folded flyer format)

Three Mosquiteers (English)

Three Mosquiteers (Greek)

Pollinators in Cyprus mini-guide (English)

Pollinators in Cyprus mini-guide (Greek)

Explore Akrotiri poster (English)

Explore Akrotiri poster (Greek) 

Cyprus wetland invertebrate guide (English)

Cyprus wetland invertebrate guide (Greek)

Three Mosquiteers pollinator leaflet (English)

Three Mosquiteers pollinator leaflet (Greek)